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North American Manufacturer of Silicone Hose


THERMAL FLEX manufactures and designs silicone hoses for any automotive application that requires high heat and high pressure.

Heavy Truck

THERMAL FLEX is committed to manufacturing the highest quality silicone hoses for the Heavy Truck Industry.


THERMAL FLEX designs and manufactures premium quality silicone hoses for the Marine industry with temperature resistance as low as -65F and as high as 500F.

Aviation and Aerospace

THERMAL FLEX designs and manufactures a wide variety of silicone ducting products for the Aircraft industry.


THERMAL FLEX manufactures silicone hose to meet the most demanding industry application, complying with most standard specifications.


THERMAL FLEX manufactures silicone hose to meet the most sanitary applications, complying with standard specifications.

Custom Hoses & Tooling

Our unique focus in custom development and high mix, low volume methodology allows us to be one of the most flexible and agile manufacturers in the industry. Our engineering staff has a vast wealth of professional knowledge. All of our products and tooling are built in our certified facilities, meeting the highest quality standards.

With a worldwide network of suppliers and low-cost manufacturing facilities, THERMAL FLEX can deliver custom silicone hoses on time to any country. THERMAL FLEX can design and build silicone hoses from customer design prints, re-engineer to enhance the products to support customer needs, and reverse engineer silicone hoses.

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About Thermal Flex

THERMAL FLEX specializes in manufacturing quality silicone hoses for industries and applications that require high performance. Whether it’s standard silicone hose, extruded silicone hose or custom silicone hose, THERMAL FLEX has the right products for your demanding applications.

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